Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Terrific Ten" top player list and more from Will Avery's Fall 48

Timmy Sellers, Glenn Hills

Will Avery's Fall 48 Invite featured 48 of the very best area players from both the Georgia and South Carolina sides of the border. More than 2 out of every 3 players who were invited accepted the challenge and came to compete, so it was very difficult to choose the 10 players who I believed played the best.

  • Below I rank and show highlight videos of AugBball's "Terrific Ten" players from Sunday's games
  • Then I provide the list of players I chose to give "high honorable mention"
  • Finally, I list five "Super Sophomores," who all made a significant impact Sunday. These players have bright futures if they continue to work hard and improve, and I expect them to be difference makers this high school season.
But before showing the lists, I want to share links to media coverage and highlights from the event:

GHSA expert Kyle Sandy featured several top performers from the Georgia side of the border in this Sandy's Spiel article: https://sandysspiel.com/fall-48-invite-analysis/

WRDW featured the event on Sunday's evening news. The segment, which includes an interview with Will Avery and clips of Tyshon Briscoe (Lakeside) and Donte Justice (Baldwin), can be viewed at this link: http://www.wrdw.com/content/sports/Local-players-showed-off-talent-at-Fall-48-Invite-443625953.html

Former Glenn Hills star hooper and current Georgia Southern (full academic scholarship) student Robert Drew provided more than 20 minutes of fun highlight footage from every team. Find the videos in the YouTube playlist at this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCBiVxr7KP5X6gxqhJ1Y5NM1vF2rUMJ8Y

Finally, the @AugBball Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are filled with highlights from the event.

Terrific Ten - Fall 48 Invite

1) Timmy Sellers, Glenn Hills; 6'7" Post, CO 2018

2) Tre Gomillion, Aquinas; 6'3" Guard, CO 2018

3) Anthoney Ray, Midland Valley; 6'4" Wing, CO 2018

4) Nazae Baltimore, Aiken; 6'4" Post, CO 2019

5) Donte Justice, Baldwin; 6'0" Guard, CO 2019

6) Kevin Williamson, Aiken; 6'4" Wing, CO 2018

7) Eric Graham, Grovetown; 6'2" Guard, CO 2018

8) Melvin Mckie, South Aiken; 6'0" Guard, CO 2018

9) Calvin Mathis, Aiken; 6'4" Wing, CO 2018

10) D'Juan Griffin, Laney; 6'0" Guard, CO 2018

High Honorable Mention - Fall 48 Invite

Drez McBride, Butler; 6'3" Guard, CO 2018

Donald Henley, Laney; 5'11" Guard, CO 2018

Zayveon Williams, Burke County; 6'2" Guard, CO 2018

PJ Walker, Laney; 6'2" Guard, CO 2018

Nick Tolbert, Grovetown; 6'0" Guard, CO 2018

Super Sophomores - Fall 48 Invite

Dylan Cardwell, Evans; 6'8" Center, CO 2020

Tyshon Briscoe, Lakeside; 6'0" Guard, CO 2020

Christian Chambers, Evans; 6'2" Guard, CO 2020

John Whitehead, Glenn Hills; 6'5" Wing, CO 2020

Chris Williams, Aquinas; 6'5" Post, CO 2020

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