Thursday, September 5, 2019

Evans Middle improves to 2-0 with 34-0 win over Greenbrier

Brandon Mims (Evans) runs behind a Jacob Jackson block in a win over Greenbrier.

Even though Evans Middle School spent the entire first quarter playing defense, and despite the fact that the clock didn't stop during the final minutes of the second half, the Knights put 34 points on the scoreboard in Wednesday's shutout win on the road over Greenbrier. Quarterback Noah Story threw two touchdown passes, one to Mason Short and another to Rayshaun King, in a 20 point second quarter for the Knights. And Brenden Reynolds scored two second half touchdowns to help finish the rout.

Wednesday's result was the second lopsided win in two outings this season for Evans following last Wednesday's 40-14 win at home over Stallings Island. Head coach Blake Crewe explained why he is satisfied that his players are learning valuable lessons despite experiencing relatively few obstacles on the field so far:

"The best thing about this group is that they play for each other. You see our receivers and how they block for our running backs," Crewe told me in a post game interview. "That carries over where we try to get them the ball also. So they feed into hard work and playing for each other."

Mason Short (Evans) drags a defender into the end zone in Wednesday's win.

The game highlight footage above supports Crewe's point because tight end Mason Short (38) and receiver Jaden McCladdie (28) can be seen clearing space for teammates Jacob Jackson (26) and Brenden Reynolds (13) to score on three occasions. And both Short and McCladdie were repaid when Story found them both for short completions that turned into touchdowns after some physical running after the catch by both players, although McCladdie's touchdown was called back due to a penalty on Evans.

"Jaden McCladdie... he was a beast out there for us today," Crewe said. "We ran to his side quite a bit tonight just because of the way he was blocking."

The Knights celebrate after Wednesday's win.

The remaining four regular season games and the one post season game for the Knights will be played on the next five Tuesdays, as is the case for all eight Columbia County schools, with the exception of Lakeside's game against Grovetown. (That contest will be played next Wednesday at Grovetown.) This season is only the second in which a Columbia County middle school championship game will be played, and October 8 is the scheduled date.

The next three teams on the schedule for Evans were all victorious in week 2 as well. Next Tuesday the Knights will visit Riverside, winners over Columbia yesterday 14-8. On September 7, Evans will host Grovetown, who just topped Stallings Island 20-0. And the Knights will visit Harlem, 30-8 winners Wednesday over Lakeside, on September 24 before closing the regular season at home October 1 against Columbia.

More Middle School Coverage

AugBball's first season of middle school football coverage saw updates about standout individual performers from Thomson, Augusta Christian and Evans:

Thomson Middle School, which probably has the best team in the CSRA, also won by a large margin yesterday, blitzing Warren County 53-0. The Bulldogs' thumping of Washington County last week was the first middle school game of the season to be featured here:

Despite that thrashing, Washington County's well established reputation for athletic excellence was not in any way tarnished because of the kind of perseverance shown in moments like this:

Coming soon...

Coverage of Aiken County, Burke County and Richmond County action will come soon when those teams begin their seasons in earnest. And hopefully the best players from the various counties in the area will all come together right before Christmas to participate in the 9th annual CSRA All Star Bowl. AugBball and SUVtv will broadcast live all four games from that event: the Middle School All Star Bowl, the Underclassmen All Star Bowl, the Junior All Star Bowl and the Senior All Star Bowl Games.

This is the link for aspiring all stars to register:

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